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On the Future of Schizophrenia Trials: Part 2 of WCG’s Transforming CNS Trials Series

About this episode:

Remote assessments have become a necessity across CNS trials, but some areas are more complicated than others. Schizophrenia provides one such example; the risk of variability is high, and sponsors are concerned. In this podcast, Mark Opler, PhD, MPH, Chief Research Officer at WCG MedAvante-ProPhase, sits down with WCG President of Patient Advocacy Steve Smith to discuss the topic. This is the second episode in our podcast series, “Transforming CNS Trials During COVID-19—and Beyond.”

PANSS—the gold standard rating scale for schizophrenia primary outcomes—is based largely on face-to-face interviews; it wasn’t developed for remote assessments. Is it still usable? Yes, says Dr. Opler. “I’m pleased to report that the anecdotal experience, as well as available data, suggests assessments conducted with patients with schizophrenia via video can be done reliably and can be done in a way that produces valid data.”

It can be done—the tools exist. But it’s the way sponsors and CROs approach remote assessments that can make or break data integrity—and he delves into that topic in this podcast. In particular, he shares how sponsors and CROs can leverage remote assessments in their next clinical trial.

Mark Opler, PhD, MPH, is Chief Research Officer at WCG MedAvante-ProPhase. Dr. Opler was the founder of ProPhase and served as its CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, among other roles. He serves as adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry at New York University and assistant professor of clinical neuroscience at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is also leading the development of the forthcoming edition of the PANSS Manual.

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