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An enterprise platform to optimize site enrollment feasibility verification, patient recruitment, and pre-screening.

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Bringing transparency and visibility to patient identification

iConnect is the only comprehensive platform for tracking clinical trial recruitment, ROI and referrals across all vendors and all tactics, empowering you to optimize your budgets and results.

For Sponsors and CROs, iConnect provides the transparency and metrics you need to manage your overall patient recruitment efforts effectively, while solving the challenges of siloed budgets and duplicate activity. It also connects directly, the foremost patient destination for finding clinical trials, and your best source for patients actively seeking clinical studies.

iConnect users are accelerating recruitment program set-up from months to days, reducing recruitment set-up cost, and are finally able to track campaigns across each study to know which tactics work best.


52k clinical trials currently using iConnect
2x increase in patients referrals via iConnect
250k monthly visitors searching for trials on iConnect

Improve online visibility for your trials

Reach 250,000 unique visitors per month searching for clinical trials on and connect them to your clinical trials.

Connect with interested participants

Deploy clinical trial listings with patient-friendly trial language in minutes.

Monitor and manage recruitment metrics and ROI

Gain complete transparency on recruitment spend and ROI across the enterprise to predictably determine which tactics work best for each indication.

One platform to configure recruitment programs

Automated clinical trial import

iConnect can directly load clinical trials from your in-house databases or government systems such as

Screenshot of iConnect application

Screenshot of Site Feasibility Application

Recruitment tracking and analytics

The iConnect dashboard allows you to track metrics such as the total referrals, sources, screened patients, and study enrollments for every dollar spent.

Configurable pre-screener

Create questionnaires with branching logic to screen for eligible participants.

Screenshot of iConnect application


Screenshot of iConnect application

Secure patient-investigator messaging

iConnect provides an easy-to-use, secure messaging platform for communication between patients and research staff.

Client Success Stories

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Leading institutions like Penn Medicine, NYU School of Medicine and others are already experiencing the value of iConnect to manage and track recruitment activities and referred patients.

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Advocacy groups like the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation leverage iConnect to screen and connect patients to clinical studies that are best suited for them.

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