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Next-generation services that effectively attract, engage, and observe patients throughout your entire study.

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Exceed recruitment targets and improve clinical data quality

WCG understands the critical investment you make in getting your drug to market. We also know perhaps the biggest challenge is still ahead: our research shows that 20 to 25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets. We also know that just achieving those enrollment targets is not enough. The data you generate from those patients through clinical outcome assessment or patient-reported outcomes needs to be high quality and expertly analyzed.

That’s where WCG comes in. Our end-to-end patient engagement services are helping Sponsors and Sites to achieve enrollment.

33% acceleration in enrollment rates
5x improvement in enrollment rates for WCG sites with Enrollment Assistants
65% reduction in error rates for endpoints

WCG Patient Engagement is built on industry best-in-class companies:

Delivering the right patients, sites and data for your study

WCG’s clinical trial patient engagement services are designed to accomplish three specific objectives for our clients:

Connecting patients to clinical trials

We optimize recruitment and enrollment results by identifying and referring patient candidates to clinical sites or physician practices.

Enhancing site resources and capabilities

We streamline study processes by providing sites and practices the necessary resources for screening, enrolling, treating and retaining patients to meet program goals.

Improving study data quality

Our clinical experts and advanced technology mitigate the risks of bias, variability, and human error through centralized ratings, review and training.

Site-based services, next-generation recruitment tools, and proven processes are the foundation of our Patient Engagement services

We built our patient engagement services on proven methods, a deep knowledge base of industry site enrollment performance, and our on-the-ground site support. From the start, our experts are in “listen mode,” and we package and tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of your study.

Find & Attract

Study Marketing

We reach patient populations efficiently via demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting, and build awareness with advertising, online marketing, and social media.

Enroll & Manage

Recruitment & Retention

Once you identify likely study patients, don’t risk shortfall. Ensure you reach—and maintain—target enrollment by using our dedicated, highly efficient recruitment and retention specialists.

Observe & Assess

Clinical Rater Assessment

Increase the accuracy of study results by ensuring consistent scoring of therapeutic effects and outcomes with our rigorous rater training and certification.

Patient Identification

Jumpstart clinical study enrollment with more focused, cost-efficient chart review. Our dedicated team frees up your site staff, rapidly identifying qualified patients so your trial begins and stays on schedule.

Validated Training

WCG’s portfolio of training services for Investigators, site staff and subjects mitigates the risks of bias, variability and human error in clinical trial. The result: improved data quality, clearer signals and standardized, accurate studies.

Clinical Outcomes Assessment

Improve signal detection and minimize error rate in clinical trials by combining Virgil, our Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment platform, with our unmatched therapeutic measurement expertise.

Meet the technologies that power our Patient Engagement services


ConsentNow is a web- and tablet-based collaboration tool that increases patient engagement and retention with animations and audio visuals in an easy-to-use, patient-friendly format.


Patient iConnect

Patient iConnect is an enterprise platform to optimize site enrollment feasibility verification, patient recruitment, and pre-screening.



The Virgil Investigative Study Platform reduces error rates for clinical endpoints by up to 85% through effective training and best practice implementation with eCOA.



WCG’s Quantitative Data Surveillance System (QDSS) is the only risk-based monitoring system to combine statistical process control and other analytical techniques with real-time human expertise, providing insights and actionable recommendations to address data-quality issues and protect study outcomes.

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Why choose WCG for patient enrollment?

“What is the ultimate goal of our clinical leadership? On-time enrollment. By collaborating with WCG, I truly believe that we are breaking down the barriers to efficiency, and in doing so, the barriers to on-time enrollment.”

Senior Director, Global Development Operations
Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company


“…You have exceeded our expectations and have delivered remarkably during these past six months. When you got involved we were struggling more than I’ve ever experienced in any trial, and the manner in which you took ownership of this challenge was impressive.”

Executive Director
Top 5 Pharma Company


“Unlike many other patient recruitment companies, WCG ThreeWire truly delivers on their projections… they are adept at placing media in the most targeted and efficient manner  to deliver high-quality referrals to the site.”

Recruitment Lead
Top 10 Pharma Company


Patient Engagement Resources

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