Patient iConnect

Configure global patient recruitment campaign in minutes

iConnect is the industry’s first purpose-built Patient Recruitment Platform that empowers study teams to quickly configure, promote and track global patient recruitment programs in minutes. The iConnect solution has been deployed at leading tier one pharmaceutical companies, major academic medical centers, patient advocacy groups, and leading eHealth communities that help drive more than 250,000 unique patients per month to the trials listed on

iConnect, in partnership with Trialx, provides sponsors with detailed reports on how patients first learn about a study, what drives patients to complete the pre-screener, and how many patients make it through each stage of the recruitment funnel, including cost per patient screened, consented and enrolled.

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Transforming patient recruitment at the enterprise level

“Intelligent” Trial Listings

Study teams can quickly configure new intelligent trial listings that adhere to the most recent guidelines. In addition, iConnect tracks where patients come from, what keywords lead them to the study, and whether they contacted the site and enrolled in the study. Each new trial listing is syndicated to the CenterWatch/CISCRP advocacy and eHealth networks. Trial listings also include meta-data tags that are integrated with EPIC eHR to earmark eligible patients and their respective Primary Care Provider (PCP) in real time.

Self-Configurable Study Websites with Pre-Screeners

iConnect features study websites with patient pre-screeners that can be added to any ‘Intelligent” trial listing in minutes using an intuitive user interface that requires no programming skills. The websites track the source of each patient visit including whether or not they enrolled.

Media Buying & Campaign Tracking Tools

iConnect programmatically develops intelligent URLs, e-mails, and telephone trackers in over 100 countries to track the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of each outreach tactic used to promote the study. In addition, iConnect includes a media buying module to promote your study online or through social media. Every campaign is tracked at the keyword, tactic, campaign, and enterprise level providing unprecedented ROI tracking.

Expand your reach with the WCG Syndication Network

iConnect includes more than 2,300 institutions and 160,000 investigators that are part of the WCG Global Research Network, in addition to all the major search engines including Yahoo!™, Google™ and Bing™.

iConnect is also partnered with the largest social media firms, leading eHealth sites, and patient advocacy groups in the world to continue to build awareness about clinical research with the general public.

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WCG iConnect is powered by ThreeWire

Meeting patient targets quickly, and retaining them to last-visit, is one of the largest challenges today in running a clinical trial. In fact, 20-25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets.

The team at ThreeWire helps sponsors and CROs overcome these challenges by focusing recruitment efforts where they’re needed most: at the site level. By combining a dedicated on-the-ground resource with a customized site recruitment strategy, enrollment becomes focused, effective and streamlined so that clinical studies begin and stay on schedule.

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