Patient Recruitment & Retention

Meet patient targets quickly—and retain them to last visit

If time is of the essence for success of your clinical trial—especially if site staff are otherwise engaged—WCG’s ThreeWire Patient Recruitment & Retention services ensure you rapidly move identified candidates into full enrollment—and keep them enrolled.

Many clinical studies experience patient shortfalls initially because potential candidates are frequently never contacted. WCG ThreeWire’s dedicated Site Services team adds extraordinary new levels of focus, efficiency and results to your patient recruitment process.

Our Clinical Research Professionals earn WCG ThreeWire an unmatched track record delivering targeted numbers of qualified patients: Improving clinical study enrollment timelines of 44 percent on average across all therapeutic indications—at a below-average cost-per-enrollment.

We stand behind our commitment to cost-effective recruitment with optional performance-based pricing—so you only pay for targeted results: enrolled patients.

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WCG Patient Recruitment & Retention is powered by ThreeWire

Meeting patient targets quickly, and retaining them to last-visit, is one of the largest challenges today in running a clinical trial. In fact, 20-25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets.

The team at ThreeWire helps sponsors and CROs overcome these challenges by focusing recruitment efforts where they’re needed most: at the site level. By combining a dedicated on-the-ground resource with a customized site recruitment strategy, enrollment becomes focused, effective and streamlined so that clinical studies begin and stay on schedule.

Chart of enrollment improvements with WCG ThreeWire

An accountable strategy for meeting and maintaining your enrollment goals

Enrollment Assistant meeting with a potential patientWCG ThreeWire’s Site Augmentation team fully manages the recruitment and retention process for your study. We work diligently and unobtrusively to support existing site staff—making their jobs easier, freeing them for clinical work, speeding enrollment and nurturing your patients so they continue to the last visit.

Our Clinical Research Professionals are dedicated to one study only, in order that recruitment efforts are optimally efficient and produce required results at the lowest possible cost.

Our professionals methodically connect with all prospective patients, inviting them to informational interviews, conducting screening, explaining consent and guiding qualified candidates to enrollment.

Finally, the Site Augmentation team keeps your patients involved with personal attention—appointment scheduling, coordinating transportation, reminders, and reassurance. This encouragement ensures unusually-high patient retention.

Perfecting the patient recruitment and retention process

No Patient Left Behind

Every identified patient candidate is contacted, screened and, when qualified, enrolled. This discipline pays off in high patient numbers, enrolled more quickly, retained longer, and at a routinely lower cost.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Our proprietary database allows you to monitor in real time every step of your recruitment and retention progress, so you’re always in control.

Find out how many months our Patient Recruitment and Retention services can cut from your enrollment timelines

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