Connect the right participants to the right studies at the right time.

According to industry research, most clinical trial research studies fail to reach their enrollment targets. With trial activity increasing but performance dropping, finding the right participants is a major challenge – and one that puts the success of studies at risk for sponsors, CROs, and sites if they cannot master it.

WCG’s end-to-end participant enrollment and retention solutions provide the necessary resources for screening, enrolling, and retaining participants to meet your program goals. Designed to engage the right participants for your studies and your sites, our bespoke services help you identify and refer candidates to clinical sites. Once enrolled, we provide the necessary resources to ensure participants stay engaged, supported and retained for the duration of the study.


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Enrollment and retention solutions founded in our site-based services, next-generation recruitment tools, and proven processes.

Patient Identification

Jumpstart clinical study enrollment with more focused, cost-efficient chart review. Our dedicated team frees up your site staff, rapidly identifying qualified patients so your trial begins and stays on schedule.

Patient Recruitment & Retention

Once you identify likely study patients, don’t risk shortfall. Ensure you reach—and maintain—target enrollment by using our dedicated, highly efficient recruitment and retention specialists.

Site Augmentation

Ensure your study teams have the support they need to mitigate site staffing shortages and constraints by deploying our highly-trained clinical research professionals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our strategic solutions for clinical trial inclusivity and diversity guide you in building holistic, sustainable programs based on accurate participant representation and trustworthy outreach.

Study Advertising

We reach patient populations efficiently via demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting, and build awareness with advertising, online marketing, and social media.

Meet the technology that powers our Enrollment & Retention Solutions

My Patient allows Sponsors to monitor each stage of the patient-identification and recruitment progress in real time at the most granular level possible.

What our Recruitment & Enrollment clients are saying:

“What is the ultimate goal of our clinical leadership? On-time enrollment. By collaborating with WCG, I truly believe that we are breaking down the barriers to efficiency, and in doing so, the barriers to on-time enrollment.”

Senior Director, Global Development Operations, Mid-Size Pharmaceutical Company

“…You have exceeded our expectations and have delivered remarkably during these past six months. When you got involved we were struggling more than I’ve ever experienced in any trial, and the manner in which you took ownership of this challenge was impressive.”

Executive Director, Top 5 Pharma Company

“Unlike many other patient recruitment companies, WCG truly delivers on their projections… they are adept at placing media in the most targeted and efficient manner  to deliver high-quality referrals to the site.”

Recruitment Lead, Top 10 Pharma Company

Want to see how the patient enrollment of your current or past studies compares to your peers?

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