Site Augmentation

Effortlessly navigate the narrowing bottleneck of trial operations by tapping into WCG’s experts for the support you need when you need it, from general study oversight to specific clinical services.

Gain competitive site strength in an overcrowded clinical research landscape

How do you know if your clinical research sites are prioritizing your trial? Do you have the resources necessary to effectively run your upcoming study?

In an increasingly constrained clinical trial environment – where the demand of clinical trial volume and complexity has outpaced the supply of principal investigator participation – sites can no longer sustainably support clinical research.

Leverage WCG Site Augmentation solutions to chart a path towards more focused trial coverage.

Deliver the resource flexibility of Site Augmentation before your trials are impacted 

Through our Site Augmentation capabilities, we ensure that study teams have the support they need to mitigate site staffing shortages and constraints.

How? By deploying our highly trained clinical research professionals to meet your exact study, indication, molecule, or full therapeutic portfolio needs. 

Gain competitive site strength with dedicated clinical research coordinator.

Learn how WCG’s tailored site support solves capacity constraints


From enrollment acceleration and administrative site support, to participant identification, our clinical research professionals provide the right resources to overburdened study teams at just the right time.

Click the tabs above to explore the capabilities of WCG’s site-based clinical trial support professionals.

Clinical Research Coordinators

WCG Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) act as a member of your study team, handling key research activities including:

  • Patient Prescreening
  • Chart Review
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Follow-up & Reminder Calls
  • Media Referral Processing
  • Study Education
  • Physician Referral Networking
  • Community Outreach
  • EDC Data Entry
  • Query Resolution

Study Coordinators

WCG Study Coordinators (SCs) can do everything a CRC can do and more, including:

  • Submitting IRB documentation
  • Helping prepare for monitoring and close-out visits
  • Study oversight and obtaining consent

Clinical Research Nurses

WCG Clinical Research Nurses (CRN) can provide all WCG CRC services as required, but also specific clinical services (for U.S.-based trials only):

  • Phlebotomy (peripheral veins only)
  • Non-invasive sample collection (mouth swab, urine, sputum, nasopharyngeal swabs, etc.)
  • Collect and record of basic vital signs
  • Intramuscular, subcutaneous, or intradermal injection
  • Nasal administration
  • Dispensation of oral products
  • Administration of surveys and questionnaires
  • Collection and recording of participant-reported adverse events

WCG CRN staff have degrees and licenses, including LPN, RN, APRN, NP, and PA; the extent of candidate experience, education, and licenses based on the scope of services required by your sites.

Situation analysis: the bottleneck is tightening on trial operations for sponsors and sites

On the demand side

Trials have swelled in volume and complexity over the last 10 years. For Phase III trials, the number of clinical endpoints has increased by 86% while required procedures have increased by 70%. These growing challenges require more staff and more scientifically integrated technology.

On the supply side

Trial growth is outpacing site capacity:

  • Hospital revenues are down, and the average profit margin at sites has dropped 38%
  • Only 3% of physicians participate in clinical trials
  • New investigator participation has dropped 48% in the last five years

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Vital data entry support for a sponsor’s global oncology portfolio reduces data entry queries opened per subject by 54%

A dermatology-focused pharmaceutical company delivered enrollment 24 months ahead of schedule

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