Unparalleled Control and Transparency Over Your Study Outcomes

Designed to support the patient journey, My Patient is the central hub of any patient recruitment campaign. With 24-7 real-time data visible through a secure web-accessed study management portal, sites, sponsors, and CROs now have more visibility and control over the recruitment process.

For sponsors and CROs, My Patient provides the transparency and metrics necessary to manage site resource support efforts. Our uniquely designed SponsorView™ gives standardized metrics to assess performance and impact at the study and site level.

For sites, My Patient provides easy tracking of patients through the recruitment and retention journey, eliminating any need for other pre-screening tools.


potential participants tracked via My Patient


subjects enrolled through My Patient support


protocols supported

Key Features

Building Checkmark

HIPAA, HITECH and GDPR Compliant

Computer Verify

ISO 27001 Certified


Configurable Chart Reviews and Prescreening Modules

24 Hours

Configurable Status Tracking

Mobile Checkboxes Stylus

Multimedia Source Tracking


Recruitment Funnel Tracking

Provide Sites Easy Management

  • Track each patient through their recruitment and retention journey
  • Eliminates any other prescreening tool
  • Updates take only 5-10 seconds per record
  • Systematic, configurable chart review module to prescreen internal patients
  • Receive media referrals directly for immediate processing and scheduling


  • Program Highlights
  • Status Overview
  • Enrollment by Strategy
  • Enrollment by Site
    • PI Specific information down to the patient

Site and CRC Portal

Account Group Circle
  • Chart Review Prescreener
  • New Media Referral Intake
  • Patient Follow up
  • Retention Module

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Single hub for recruitment campaigns

My Patient serves as the central repository for multi-channel media campaigns and referral sources on a study. With one portal, sponsors and sites are able to more effectively focus on results. All data is stored in one location and ROI can be measured consistently in real-time.


Enterprise Support

My Patient lets users quickly toggle between each study. Site teams can efficiently switch between study efforts by navigating a quick drop-down menu. Sponsor teams can see all their studies’ recruitment metrics in a consistent manner so that ROI can be measured reliably across studies. This allows sponsors and WCG to better identify where other measures of support may be necessary.

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