2022 WCG Avoca Quality & Innovation Summit


2022 WCG Avoca Quality & Innovation Summit

Rethinking & Relearning Leading Practices for Clinical Trial Quality & Innovation

About the Summit:

WCG Avoca offers a deep dive into the clinical trial ecosystem’s challenges in adopting innovation, the imperative to re-think the way we approach implementation, and practical actions that will allow the industry to Own the Future.

If you have any question about the summit, please call  1 609.252.9020 or email [email protected]

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Featured Speakers

Todd Joron

Patient Advocate; President & COO
WCG Intrinsic Imaging

Bio photo of Patricia Leuchten

Patty Leuchten

WCG Avoca

Michelle Webb

Vice President, Avoca Quality Consortium
WCG Avoca