DIA 2020 Global Annual Meeting


Join our experts online at DIA 2020

The DIA Global Annual Meeting is moving online for 2020, and the WCG team will be part of the community, sharing insights, participating in panels, and connecting via our virtual booth and meetings.

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We’re excited to share with you the expertise of our medical, regulatory and compliance experts that will be available during the DIA Annual Meeting to help you navigate your clinical trial program during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve set aside some limited meeting times with our experts, so please complete this form to submit your request soon and we’ll reach out to set up a time.

Hear from WCG experts at DIA 2020:

Clinical Operations Data Pre- and Post- COVID-19

Speaker: Suzanne Caruso | Vice President of Clinical Solutions, WCG

How valuable is clinical operations data collected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? Suzanne Caruso from WCG explores and interprets how benchmarks and baselines set in the era before COVID will require rapid translation to meet our current and future state.

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What Does THAT Mean? Communicating Study Risks and Benefits in Patient-Friendly Language

Speaker: Lindsay McNair, MD, MPH, MSB | Chief Medical Officer, WCG

Informed consent involves information, comprehension, and voluntariness. Effective communication requires thoughtful methods beyond “lay language” translation. We will review novel approaches; participants will create ICD risk sections.

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Clinical Safety: Approaches to Assure Compliance in the Pharmacovigilance and GCP Interface

Speaker: Steven Beales | Senior Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory, WCG ePharmaSolutions

This session will look at novel approaches to efficiently fulfilling safety reporting requirements for clinical trials. The session will also examine the interfaces between pharmacovigilance and clinical trials, and how strong relationships between pharmacovigilance and clinical functions can achieve a more proactive approach to protecting both patients and trial subjects.

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Phase 1 Cell and Gene Therapy Research: Special Considerations for CMC, Regulatory Approvals, and Site Preparation

Speaker: Daniel Kavanagh, PhD, RAC | Senior Scientific Advisor, Gene Therapy, WCG

This session will review special challenges for sponsors and investigators preparing for research involving gene therapy, CAR-T cells, oncolytic viruses, and other recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid products, from IND preparation to first-patient-in.

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How Do You Oversee and Manage New Centralized/Remote/Site Monitoring Models? What Should You Measure to Gain Insights?

Speaker: Linda Sullivan, MBA | WCG Metrics Champion Consortium Co-Founder & Executive Director

An industry consortium has been developing a set of metrics to measure the process of centralized and site monitoring. The forum will provide insights into the approach, the progress, and plans to obtain further industry feedback.

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Monitor What Matters: Validation of a Key Risk Indicator Selection Method That Predicts Study Outcome

Poster Presenter: Heather Romero, PhD | Clinical Scientist, WCG Analgesic Solutions

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Placebo Response Reduction Training Increases Assay Sensitivity in Clinical Trials on Migraine Treatment

Poster Presenter: Kathryn Evans, MS, MPH | Research Associate, WCG Analgesic Solutions

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