WCG Patient Forum

The WCG Patient Forum elevates the voices of experts: patients, patient advocates, and professionals in health care and drug development. These voices come together to discuss issues and find solutions that are of critical value to patients.

Ongoing since 2019, the WCG Patient Forum events, video interviews, and podcasts have become an information hub for thousands of research participants and professionals.

Register now for the 2023 Patient Forum on October 25

Join the WCG Fall 2023 Patient Forum on October 25th as those involved in clinical trials share their stories and uncover the most valuable gold to patients that can change clinical trial outcomes.

This year’s topics will include:

  • Patient and Researcher Collaboration
  • Diversity in Clinical Trial Enrollment
  • Intertwining of Rare and Common Diseases
  • Technology, Science, and Policy for Better Access
  • Historic Patient Innovation in Recent Drug Approvals
  • Reasons for Hope at the Frontier of Drug Development

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